19 November 2011

Describing the small letter g

Here’s an attempt at a standard set of terms to describe the generic small letter g for use in this blog. The terms are applicable to single and double storey gs in their roman, italic, and black letter variant forms.

The ear is the finished stroke to the right of the bowl, and is ‘growing’ from the bowl.
The bowl is the curved stroke enclosing an area above the baseline. It includes oval and angular shapes, as well as circular. The bowl counter is the shape of the space inside the bowl.
The link is the connecting stroke between the bowl and the tail.
The stem is the stroke on the right hand side of single storey gs, linking the ear to the tail.
The tail is the parts below the baseline. It may be open or closed. When the tail is open, it has a terminal. The tail counter is the shape of the space inside the tail, even when it is open.